Call for Workshop Proposals

ICSR 2013 is seeking proposals for one-day and half-day workshops to be hosted in conjunction with the conference. Since software reuse is pervasive in all aspects of computing, workshops on a variety of topics including, but not limited to those listed in the CFP may be appropriate. Submissions in the area of reuse in mission critical systems will receive preferential treatment.

Workshop proposals are limited to 3 pages in length. The proposal should include the following information:

  • A title of the workshop,
  • Names of organizers and their affiliations,
  • A summary of workshop objectives,
  • A statement of why the workshop would be of interest to potential ICSR attendees,
  • A description of the qualifications of the organizers to host the workshop,
  • A preliminary schedule for the (full day or half day) workshop,
  • Your estimates on number of interested attendees,
  • Any past experience with hosting such workshops (if having),
  • Any special workshop requirements, and
  • A one-page Workshop CFP (such as the one the organizers would send out to invite attendees).

Proposals are reviewed as they are received on a first come first served basis. Please email your workshop proposals to Davide Falessi (d.falessi at
Workshop descriptions and associated papers will not appear in the ICSR Proceedings. They will be made available either through a forum determined by the workshop organizers or through the ICSR 2013 web site.

For submission deadlines please refer to the master schedule .