The UNIversal Kit Project

Welcome in UNIK -  the UNIversal Kit Project. The software of the UNIK Project is current being developed at Politecnico di Torino, and it is released under a BSD-style license. 

The UNIK architecture aims to provide services for personalization of policies handling incoming calls coming from phones and voice-over-IP terminals (based on SIP protocol).

No support is provided. Nonetheless, we try to explain at best execution and usage details in our distributions and documentation. Please, help us in being successful, by sending comments and hints...

First of all you can use UNIK in two  ways: the simple mode and the full mode.

1 - the simple mode consists in using only UNIK clients with our deployed version of UNIK servers; look at the Install clients page. Then click the link Try UNIK !  to register your information.

2- the full-mode means that you must download the full package (clients and servers) and deploy UNIK on your network: so look at the Install clients and at the Install servers  pages.

How to get it 

Click on the Download link to obtain UNIK software components.

Click on the Install servers link to learn how to install UNIK servers.

Click on the Install clients link to learn how to install UNIK clients and how to use them with our deployed version of UNIK .

Read carefully the Documentation.


Please note that our domain is behind a firewall: this means that you can use our deployed UNIK services (i.e. in the simple mode) to set up SIP calls only if the following conditions hold:

- if the caller and the callee are both in the Politecnico network;

- if the caller and the callee are both outside the Politecnico network.

Otherwise, it is not possible because our domain firewall is in the path between the SIP clients and it stops their RTP packets.

Moreover our phone network is behind a PBX, so you can use this system to call numbers within Politecnico, but not outside: we don't provide free-of charge calls!

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