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Communication Handling installation


In order to adapt the CH server and Starsip to your environment you have to edit the file:


It contains some parameters loaded by CH at startup, in the form name-value separated by a space:

routerAddress is the IP address of the SIP-controlled gateway you may use in order to set up hybrid calls, between phones and VoIP terminals.

routerPort is the IP port where the gateway is listening to (by default 5060)

proxyPort  is the IP port where the Starsip proxy server, embedded in the CH, is listening to (by default 5060)

groupSeparator is the character used to separate user identifiers by group identifiers in a call directed to a group (by default is the '.' char)

prefix  is the number of the gateway from the PSTN side: this indicate the prefix of  the UNIK service used by the phone terminals (look at the GURU page for details) 

register  is a flag whose value ("true" or "false") enable/disable the caching of SIP registrations.

record is a flag whose value ("true" or "false") enable/disable SIP record-routing: in the first case the server control all the call phases until one of the clients hang up; otherwise, the server just set up the call, without listening to the following SIP messages.

Finally you have to modify the StarSip configuration files in UNIK-HOME/PLATFORM; to do this, look at this document to find the needed information.



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