The Organizing Committee of ICSR invites submissions for tutorial proposals.
The purpose of the tutorial program is to provide participants with the opportunity to expand their sofware reuse knowledge and skills. Tutorials may focus on well-established or cutting-edge topics, including (but not limited to) evaluation of 3rd party components, generative software development, software factories, testing in the reuse context, and business cases for software reuse.

Proposals for tutorials should contain:

  • The title of the tutorial and a brief content description of the tutorial topic (no more than one page)
  • Length of tutorial (half or full day)
  • Names, postal addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of the tutorial speakers, as well as short biography (1 paragraph) for each. In case of multiple speakers,  please indicate the contact person.
  • Intended audience
  • Technical requirements (beamer, whiteboards etc.)

Please email tutorial proposals to Birgit Geppert - bgeppert at research.avayalabs.com
February 28, 2006.


The purpose of the workshop program is to provide a platform for bringing together people from industry, academia, and research institutions to present and discuss recent proposals and practices around the development for and with reuse of software. This year's ICSR puts an emphasis on the reuse of commercial and open source components but topics like software product lines; aspect-oriented development; architecture-centric development, model-driven architecture, software generators, and domain-specific languages; testing in the reuse context; legal, managerial, and economic issues; and related topics are welcome as well.

  • Proposals for workshops (max. two pages) should contain:
  • The title of the workshop and a brief description (10-15 lines) of its objectives.
  • Intended audience, ideas for advertisement.
  • A preliminary schedule for the (full day or half day) workshop.
  • Names, postal addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and a short bio of the workshop organizers. In case of multiple organizers please indicate one contact person.
  • Technical requirements (beamer, whiteboards etc.)

Please email workshop proposals to Peter Knauber (p.knauber at hs-mannheim.de) by February 28, 2006.   Notification of Acceptance:     March 20, 2006

Doctoral sessions

ICSR9 will host a doctoral student session. Proposals for this session should be submitted to the program chair  before the submission closing date.