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I work in the area of Software Engineering. Within this broad domain, my goal is to understand how software is produced and maintained in real life settings. Understanding is the prerequisite to improve industrial software production.

Software production involves at least four aspects: processes, people and organization, tools, technology.
In the past years, my research has focused on:

Since 1995 I have applied empirical methods, such as case studies, experiments, surveys, to prove or disprove the effectiveness of a technique, tool or method starting from observation of facts instead of claims. Besides being a key turning point in my career, it has allowed me to develop a know how in the design of experiments, surveys and case studies, in software process and product metrics, in the instrumentation of the software process to collect both qualitative and quantitative evidence [Jss 1999]. In physics, part of the research community proposes theories, part tries to prove or disprove them. Although this distinction is not yet clear in software engineering, I like to consider myself, with little modesty, the equivalent of an experimental physicist.

The application domains I have mostly worked on are industrial automation, telecommunications, satellite management and control.

Most of this research has been carried out within projects funded by the European Commission. As a result I have gained experience in proposing, evaluating and managing research projects in the framework of ESPRIT and IST.

Professional activities