Empirical Methods in Software Engineering (01OPJIU)

Corso di III livello - Anno 2011

Marco Torchiano
marco.torchiano AT polito.it
tel: 011 564-7088

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  • Warning: currently this page hosts the 2011 edition materials
  • Course starts on November 22
  • Location of lectures: Aula C In the basement, follow directions for Aula 14


  1. Tue Nov 22 - Introduction, Overview of Empirical Methods in Software Engineering
  2. Fri Nov 25 - The experimental process
  3. Tue Nov 29 - Software Measurement
  4. Fri Dec 2 - Data Visualization
  5. Tue Dec 6 - Data Analysis
  6. Tue Dec 13 - Surveys
  7. Fri Dec 16 - Systematic Literature Reviews (Guest lecture: Prof. Marcela Genero from UCLM)


Slides and material used during the lectures


Introduce methods and tools to:
  • desing, plan, and conduct experimentation (and empirical validation in general) mainly in the context of software engineering, but also in other disciplines of Computer Science;
  • perform data collection from all the different sources available during all the range of the software development lifecycle: text, software repositories, human subject observation (developers);
  • build statistical models based on the collected data from software products, software processes and experiments


The exam can be passed by delivering both the following two assignments:
  1. Participate in an experiment first as subject and then as analyst
  2. One of the following two assignments
    • Perform a systematic Literature Review on a topic of your choice
      • The topic has to be agreed upon with the teacher
      • The review protocol must be discussed and accepted before conducting the data collection
    • Select, in agreement with the teacher, an empirical study in Software Engineering and analyze it in detail to identify strenghts and pitfalls