Industry Papers

PROFES encourages the submission of papers and talks reporting relevant industry experiences and results or lessons learned, related to all the topics of interest of the conference.

This track invites full papers and talk proposals (see below).

Industry Papers

Industrial papers describing innovative proposals are welcome, but also contributions that, although not original in the absolute sense and rigorous from the scientific point of view, describe experiences and application cases useful to increase the knowledge of the industrial communities regarding the use of processes, methods and techniques. The papers will have to pay particular attention in highlighting the industrial effects of the solutions presented and how they contribute to the growth of the PROFES community. We invite submissions of max. 16 pages LNCS format. Industry papers are expected to be written and presented in close collaboration with industry, involving practitioners authoring and (hopefully) presenting the papers. Industry papers will undergo a peer review process. All contributions must be original, not published, accepted or submitted for publication elsewhere. Submitted papers must conform to the Submission Procedure. The evaluation criteria include:

  • Relevance – relevance of the contents to industrial track audience and to the topics of interest of the conference.
  • Improvement on the state-of-the-practice – the amount of improvement that the work achieves above and beyond the state-of-the-practice.
  • Generality of results – the extent to which the work, approach, experiences presented or lessons learned are useful/applicable for/to the PROFES community.
  • Clarity– how clear the experiences/lessons learned are presented and how well they are supported with data and discussion.
  • Overall quality of the manuscript.

All papers must be submitted in PDF format through the Submission Procedure.

PC Industry Paper

  • Liliana Guzman, DSA, Germany,
  • Federico Tomassetti, Strumenta, Italy