Journal-First Papers

PROFES has formed a partnership with prestigious software engineering journals to incorporate journal-first papers into the PROFES program. Through this partnership, authors of J1 manuscripts accepted in the partnering journals, can apply to present their work in front of the PROFES community during the conference. These presentations will broaden the content of the PROFES program and allow invited authors to interact directly with the PROFES community, thus, increasing the visibility of their work.

The journals that have partnered with PROFES 2021 are:

  • Journal of Systems and Software
  • Empirical Software Engineering Journal
  • Information and Software Technology


A journal-first presentation submitted to PROFES 2021 must meet the following criteria:

  • The journal-first manuscript has been accepted at the participating journal no earlier than May, 2020.
  • The topic addressed in the journal manuscript is in tune with the scope of the PROFES conference.
  • The proposal reports new research results, novel contributions, or replications that significantly extend the original results.

We cannot accept:

  • editorials,
  • letters,
  • additional material (e.g proofs) to the original article,
  • minor enhancements or variants of the results,
  • the new results have not been presented at, and they are not under consideration for, other venues (neither conferences nor journals).


Interested authors should submit a 1-2 page(s) proposal including the following information:

  1. authors, manuscript title, journal, DOI and link to pre-print or post-print version (according to the limits of existing copyright agreements, check;
  2. a short summary of the work described in the original paper;
  3. enhancements and new results from the original manuscripts;
  4. further aspects on the evolution of the research.

There is no template required but we recommend to use Font Liberation, Arial or Times New Roman, size 12. Journal-First papers must be submitted following the Submission Procedure.


Since all papers have already been reviewed and accepted by the journals, they will not be reviewed again for technical content. The J1-track chair will review the presentation proposals and discuss it with the general chair and the program co-chairs. Evaluation will be based on:

  1. enhancements from previous work;
  2. the potential for future work;
  3. alignment with conference themes.

Authors will not receive any technical reviews with the notification, however they might receive a request to  further clarify specific aspects.


Every Journal-First paper is expected to be presented by one of its authors according to the general registration conditions (to appear in due time). Failure to present the paper might result in exclusion from future Journal-First programs at PROFES and/or the involved journal.

The Journal-First papers will not be part of the PROFES proceedings as they have already been published in the respective journals. However, the presentations will appear in the conference program. In addition, we expect the authors to make a pre-print or post-print of the paper available to PROFES (within the limits of existing copyright agreements, check so that interested participants can easily access it.

Important Dates

  • Submission: August 9, 2021 extended August 30, 2021
  • Notification: September 20, 2021

Journal First Chair

  • Antonio VetrĂ², Politecnico di Torino, Italy