Empirical Methods in Software Engineering (01OPJIU)

PhD Course - 2016/17

Marco Torchiano
marco.torchiano AT polito.it
tel: 011 564-7088



Schedule with tentative topics
  1. Tue 7 Feb, 14:00 - Introduction to the course + Intro Exp. Process
  2. Wed 8 Feb, 14:00 - Experimental process
  3. Mon 20 Feb, 14:00 - Software Measurement
  4. Wed 22 Feb, 14:00 - Systematic Literature Reviews
  5. Fri 24 Feb, 14:00 - Data visualization
  6. Tue 28 Feb, 14:00 - Data analysis
  7. Thu 2 Mar, 14:00 - Population surveys
All lectures will last approximately 3 hours and half.


The slides and screencasts of the lectures will be availabale as a podcast.

Additional support materials:


Introduce methods and tools to:

Basic references


The exam typically consists in analyzing data either from a small experiment or observational study, or conducting a SLR.

The topic of the exam has to be agreed with the teacher.

A template for the final report is available (also with LaTeX source files)

A few sample reports from previous years are available